Born Zachary Kersey in 1999 and raised in military household, zachquietdwn grew up constantly moving from place to place. From Japan to Germany and everywhere in between, he gained extensive knowledge of language, culture, and respect. because of such a diverse upbringing, Zach is able to blend music from many different cultures and styles seamlessly. He has become a very versatile artist creating unique songs with slow deep-seated content about his personal struggles, Friend and family relations, and rising above it all. from an early age, Zach surrounded himself with music; mastering instruments such as the violin, saxophone, and guitar by the time he entered high school. from there he began to work on shaping his unique sound and vocal melodies.
In 2022 zachquietdwn began garnering a buzz by performing locally in bars on 6th street in Austin. HE has made a close connection with his supporters through intimate records containing high energy and thoughtful lyrical content. By steadily releasing mixtapes throughout 2019 to the present day, he created a solid foundation for putting together seamlessly introspective tracks. His artistry has been constantly growing ever since he started to change the way music is perceived to the casual listener. He is best known for his songs “Foreign feat. Lil Ess” off his “Foreign” EP and “Burn” off his “Lovesick Commotion 3” EP. 

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